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Early Childhood Education Salary & Jobs Numbers On The Rise

Early Childhood Education Salary & Jobs Numbers On The Rise

Early Childhood Education Salary & Jobs Information…

Early childhood educators are charged with the important task of preparing young children for the education process. Early childhood education typically includes the formative years a young child spends in preschool and kindergarten.

Professionals in the field of early childhood education believe that early childhood educators perform an invaluable service in preparing children to enter school, but does a typical early childhood education salary reflect the importance that is placed upon such education?

Recent figures compiled by the US Department of Labor indicate that salaries for early childhood educators are indeed on the rise.

People considering becoming a preschool or kindergarten teacher may wonder how much do early childhood educators make on a yearly basis. Early childhood education salary figures depend upon a variety of factors, including experience and location.

The US Department of Labor maintains a huge database filled with information about a variety of careers. The latest data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives the median early childhood education salary for preschool teachers as $27,130 per year. Among the many early childhood education jobs, the highest salary earned by preschool teachers was given as more than $48,660.

Public schools, which include elementary and secondary schools that are State-sponsored, pay an average of $41,520.

early childhood education salary

Early education childcare professionals who work with private families and individuals earn, on average, around $28,390 dollars; the second highest among the four categories.

early childhood education salary

Educators who work with children in a religious or church setting tend to earn around $27,390; third amongst our four categories.

how much do early childhood educators make

And last, but certainly not least, the day care providers. They may earn less ($24,410), but they work just as hard!

how much do earl childhood educators make

In considering these figures, someone interested in becoming a preschool teacher should consider the fact that there is the added bonus of a considerable amount of vacation time figured into that salary: teachers in early childhood education jobs working in public or private school settings typically are on vacation during the summer months and for a long break at Christmas.

Teaching preschool often requires a teacher to have some sort of training in early childhood education, but not necessarily a bachelor’s degree. Teachers of preschool students involved in Head Start programs are required to have an associate’s degree, where preschool teachers in public school usually have a bachelor’s degree. There are also examination requirements that vary between states.

In considering how much do early childhood educators make, teachers of kindergarten age students earn a higher salary than those of preschoolers, with a median salary of $53,400. Learning how to become a kindergarten teacher requires a higher level of education, as they are usually required to hold a bachelor’s degree.

They may also be required to have teacher’s certification, which is achieved by passing stringent state licensing requirements. The requirements vary from state to state. As mentioned, a kindergarten teacher salary is generally higher than those of other early childhood educators.

If relocation is not an issue, someone interested in teaching preschoolers may seriously wish to consider New York as their new home. New York typically pays the highest salaries for teachers in comparison to every state in the US, although one must also take the high cost of living into consideration. New York preschool teachers averaged a salary of $39,560 a year in 2011.

Other states rounding out the top spots include New Jersey, Alaska and Vermont. For kindergarten teachers, the states are different; Rhode Island provides the highest average salary, followed by Alaska and New York.

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