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Teacher Job Description | What Does It Take To Be A Teacher

Teacher Job Description…

Teachers have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world: They are tasked with educating the leaders of tomorrow. If you are planning to go into the challenging field of teaching, you may be wondering what to expect.

A typical teacher job description may list some of the tasks a teacher is expected to complete, but it won’t necessarily give you a good idea of the qualities it takes to be a successful teacher.

A meaningful teacher job description will go into detail about some of the most important tasks that the best teachers tackle on a daily basis, as well as list certain requirements like having bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in some circumstances.

What Does it Take to be a Teacher of Elementary School Children

Elementary school teachers teach basic learning skills to young children and then provide them with a vast knowledge base from which to draw upon throughout their middle and high school years.

For young children, this begins with teaching them how to pay attention in class, how to respect others and how to work cooperatively in a group setting. Early childhood education teachers will also teach children to obey classroom rules.

An elementary school teacher must be alert to symptoms of learning disabilities; this could be picking up on subtle clues that a child may be dyslexic, or even realizing that a child’s sudden poor grades may be due to a vision or hearing problem.

Picking up on a serious disability early in a child’s life could save the child years of difficulties in school.

Teachers in elementary school can expect to teach a variety of basic subjects, including reading, math, history and science. They develop creative lesson plans and assess student’s understanding of the topics presented. They must be able to communicate with parents and students alike.

The teaching does not stop in the classroom. Teachers often set up a rotation to monitor students’ activities during lunch, recess and arrival and departure from school. They must be alert to the presence of strangers who may not belong in the school and to take prompt action to notify the proper administrative personnel.

What Does it Take to be a Teacher of High School Students

teacher job description

A teacher with her kids. Photo credit here.

High school teachers usually teach one specialized subject, such as mathematics or the sciences. Students rotate into the teacher’s classroom during different class periods each day.

Teachers in high school must stay abreast of the latest developments in their chosen field of study so they can convey the most up-to-date information to their students.

They are preparing students to take extremely important standardized tests such as the SAT or the ACT, so a portion of class time may be spent teaching students how to approach various types of questions they may see on these types of test.

Just like secondary school teachers, they must plan their lessons in advance, assign appropriate grades for students, monitor their progress and pick up on subtle signs that something is negatively impacting the student’s studies.

They are also in a position to notice behavioral changes or problems that may be a danger signal that the child is experiencing emotional turmoil that might necessitate further investigation.

Important Qualities of Teachers

Some abilities found in great teachers include having a great deal of patience combined with a good sense of humor. Teachers are often called upon to deal with situations requiring understanding and empathy. The best teachers have excellent communication skills; they must be able to communicate with other teachers, students, parents and administrators.

Some of the best teachers are also creative and resourceful. When teaching students of such varying backgrounds, abilities and gifts, teachers must be able to find different ways to approach the subject matter in order to get the material across to each student.

They also use their discernment in discovering impediments to student learning in order to help each student be successful. All of that, and much more, need to be considered when trying to define a good teacher job description.

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